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Pressure drop
First thing to note for the compressed air system pressure drop pressure loss is a phenomenon that reduces the pressure from the air compressor to use protection. Pressure drop that occurs when air passes through the auxiliary equipment and distribution systems. A well-designed system, the pressure drop across the system is less than 10%, measured from container to household use.
Losing big pressure causing decreased performance and increased system operating costs. Increasing pressure on the equipment on the system than needed to increase the operating pressure of the compressor. If demand increases, the pressure instead of increasing the operating pressure should seek to reduce the pressure drop. Another penalty for the higher pressures needed to increase the leakage. Typically the operating pressure of the system pressure is usually higher than
weak demand from 30 ~ 50%. For systems around 7kg / cm, for every increase 0,14kg / cm, the energy consumption will increase by 1%. Pressure drop, a compressed air system is set ketot then the pressure drop of 10% from the container to use location. What causes the pressure drop? Any obstructions, the limits, the click surface protruding pipes in the system are causing a pressure drop. Usually caused by the pressure drop filters, oil separators, lube ... So when installed and the device that needs attention to factors that cause brownouts. A filter can cause brownouts 20PSI = 1.4 kg / cm To reduce the pressure drop, there must be an approach to system-design and maintenance.   The steps can be carried out as follows:    Design of distribution Management system      Maintaining operation of the filter and the heater to minimize the image effect of dust clog pipes.        Selection of equipment such as filters, dryers, coolers with information the pressure drop as small branches well.      Distance of compressed air to move through the system as short as possible.  the problem leaks in compressed air systems: leakage is one of the causes of high energy wastage. There are cases of up to 20 to 30% of compressed air produced. Couplings, pipe   filters, the condensate discharge, the display of pressure ... Rating compressed gas leak: only the type compressors , form controls on / off, load / unload, with a very easy to assess the amount of compressed air leak. This method is done by the system boot when closed (off) all machines use pneumatic tools, the figure calculated based on the average amount of time the compressor on and compressor off because when it leaks Stainless is the main reason for the compressor to run again and the formula is calculated as follows: % leakage = T.100% / (T + t) Where: T is the compressor running time (minutes) t is the time compressor shut down   the compressor system can be maintained below 10%% leakage. for compressors are controlled by other methods, the way to calculate the leak based on the average pressure drop in gas reserves. This method of calculation to estimate the total volume of air in the system (cubic meters). When the system boots it will push the gauge up pressure P1, leakage will cause the pressure to reduce the pressure P1 P2 in the period T and the formula is as follows: Leakage (cubic meters / minute) = (V x (P1-P2) / T x 14.7) x 1:25 Check leakage: leaking compressed air is not visible to the naked eye, it is best to use detection devices use ultrasound (ultrasonic) the device allows detection of sound at ultrasonic frequencies generated by the leaks that the human ear can not hear it. Or more simply use soapy water is applied to the seat suspected leak to check for leaks.  the abusive use of compressed air: compressed air is one of the most expensive energy available in the factory. Because compressed air is clean, easy to use, available so often abused compressed air used for applications k


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