Screw air compressor

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Compressors use circular motion of screw, use Puli is connected to the screw 02 presses air into the small volume hon.Chung used in the industrial production sector, be it fixed or mobile type dynamic.
the capacity of the compressors this kind 5HP to 500HP range from, from low pressure to high pressure (8,5Mpa). compressors screw is used to provide compressed air for a variety of machine tools .We also used for the booster engine intake air pressure, such as automobile or airplane ... compressor screw is divided into two categories: - compressors screw oil (oil flood) : air compressors and compressed work a certain pressure to be built, through the use of pneumatic equipment such as oil separation then provided to the device and use compressed air position does not require clean air (in still air oil content is very small though) so compressors screw type commonly used oil supply compressed air for machine tools or some industries do not require air cleaner. - air compressor oil free screw type (oil free): in contrast to the type compressors screw oil, compressed air and gas compressors and oil free screw provided by compressors is clean gas (compressed air supply absolutely no oil level). type compressors are commonly used in a number of sectors such as health, food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing electronic components and other songanh. out-of compressors Engineering tvit also be classified according to structural design: single screw air mnen and compressors twin screw (this will be our content presented in other articles about compressors ). compressors are also split cooling methods: air compressor and water cooled air compressors with air cooling.

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