Effects and properties of lubricants

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viscosity plays an important role in the properties of engine oils. If assessed according to the SAE viscosity oil with the letter "W" is the kind of multi-level, used in all seasons. When classified according to API features, the characters after the "S" or "C" with the larger order of the alphabet as possible.
Changing the oil is one of the routines required for most people traveling by car , motorbike. However, not all of them fully understanding the features, as well as recording parameters on this product. Typically the letter "W" in the SEA 10w40 symbols inscribed on the lubricants commonly thought "Weight", when in fact it is used, so that only the "Winter". The effects and properties of lubricants in the engine, lubricants have many effects such as reducing the friction between the two parts in direct contact with each other, cooling cooling, sealing, corrosion resistance. However, its effects are still Cobalt Friction reduction should target viscosity is the most important influence on the quality of a commercial lubricant product. The viscosity of oil changes with temperature. When the high temperature, the viscosity decreases and vice versa. Oil low viscosity easy to move than higher viscosity oil. Also, due to significant amounts of molecules that make up the lubricant directly related to its viscosity so it is often called a heavy oil or light oil. Refers to the type of light oil with low viscosity, heavy oil and high viscosity oil only. In fact, easy to pump and light oil circulated through the engine faster. In contrast, heavy oil is often highly viscous, should move slower but higher-pressure oil flow through the lower pump. Classification according to viscosity lubricants classification method in accordance with the viscosity, the manufacturer oil production using a uniform classification of the American Society of Automotive engineers SAE (Society of Automotive engineers). The SAE classification depending on oil products that are single-level or multi-level. Multi-viscosity oil correspond in many different temperature conditions of oil remaining in the single-level meets only a certain temperature. SAE classification system is quite complex, it involves many different concepts. However, can point out the main factors. For multi-level oil, after the acronym SAE 5W tonhu money, 10W or 15W, 20W. The number preceding the "W" refers to the temperature range where the engine oil which has a viscosity enough to start the car and sometimes cold. To determine thermal dokhoi under this character, you just take 30 minus the number of negative temperatures, but under. For example, 10W oil will start at minus 20 degrees Celsius good, good boots 15W oil at minus 15 degrees C. The engine oils in the welding zone countries are usually 5W, 10W, 15W, but the majority of the product Vietnam in 15W or 20W only kind. Although no significant startup because the weather in Vietnam is often not too cold, but to achieve the required cold start, manufacturers must add oil additives should have some more small the more expensive. 15W and 20W types with the average price should be imported lubricants manufacturers or produced in Vietnam. Preceded by the letters "W" in the multi-level oils can be letters of 40, 50 or 60. This is the character used in only about 100 degrees Celsius viscosity of lubricating oils. Usually, the bigger the number the greater the viscosity and vice versa. For example, the car is not too extreme activities like

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